Original handcrafted sterling silver and copper jewelry, aluminum hair clips, vintage button  jewelry and one of a kind handbags and purses.

Upcycled Purses

Purses My creativity really gets flowing when I take an old 100% wool sweater and upcycle it into an  environmentally friendly handbag. Every bag is one of a kind, but if you have a specific size or color request, just let me know!







Upcycled Button Jewelry

Button Jewelry

I think I have the most fun of all creating something new from vintage buttons. Each one of a kind piece of upcycled jewelry is a little treasure in itself. Do you still have Grandma's old buttons or your Dad's old uniform? I'd love to make a unique piece of button jewelry for you!







 Upcycled Floral Wreaths


The flowers on these wreaths are all made from upcycled 100% wool sweaters. Each one is a one of a kind. Do you have a particular color scheme you'd like? I'd love to make a wreath for you!







Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Jewelry

I have always loved the sparkle and shine of sterling silver and enjoy creating my unique hand made jewelry, whether it's earrings, bracelets, or pendants






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